Love stories should be fun. Sexy. Sweet. Funny. About women you can relate to. Who maybe don’t have all their shit together, but who end up with someone who loves them…and values them…and adores them…exactly as they are. That’s my goal. Welcome, and join the fun.


2018 Lambda Literary Award finalist

“This is a fun-loving book that is so adorable it will just melt your heart. You want this in your life!”The Romantic Reader

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Kendra Davis doesn’t have stupid ideas. She’s a geologist. She has “untested” ideas. And of all the untested, questionable ideas she’s ever talked Viv into, this is not the one they should be laughing about while kissing behind her office door.

Her brilliant idea? To see who can make the other person take the Lord’s name in vain the loudest and the most often with the least clothes on before Christmas.

Because she misses her.

Even though they’ve been together forever.

And this just might help.

Some mistletoe in absurd places, some heated scientific debate, some sneaking out of holiday parties…so far it’s going well. But with only twelve days to prove that a long-term relationship doesn’t mean a physically dead one, they’re both getting a little competitive. If only Viv played fair…



“Both women are likeable, warm, and passionate. The chemistry between them…sizzles.”Rainbow Book Reviews

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This was not the plan.

After a career-threatening injury, backup dancer Rae Peters crashes at a friend’s in a middle-of-nowhere college town to recover. She’d rather be onstage performing with a rock star than stuck in a swimming pool doing rehab exercises, but at least the people-watching is good. Make that person-watching, because she only pays attention to one person: the cute water aerobics instructor who’s always lugging around accounting textbooks like she might be smart.

Jori Burgess is a grad student with a young daughter and a blackmailing ex-boyfriend. She’s got her hands full being a single mother, and studying, and teaching at the pool, and pretending to be someone she’s not. The last thing she needs is one more complication, but Rae is one complication she can’t resist.

Rae has no trouble resisting, because she promised herself a long time ago that flirtatious straight girls were not for her. Even if they claimed they weren’t that straight. Especially if they claimed they weren’t that straight. Really, thank you, but no. She’s not going to fall for someone who’s got red flags plastered all over her very attractive…uh…personality.

Being friends, though? Being friends is not a problem, and neither is dancing together, and neither is holding on a little longer than is strictly appropriate, and neither is…

Yeah. This could be a problem.


Earth Angel book coverEARTH ANGEL

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People say Abby Vogel sounds like an angel when she plays her harp at weddings in beautiful Piper Beach. They don’t need to know that real angels—or possibly figments of her imagination—keep her company. They wouldn’t understand.

Gwynne Abernathy blames herself for the deaths of her sister and mother. Her psychic gifts have brought her only grief, and she’s turned her back on anything that isn’t “normal”. Abby’s kindness and quirkiness are irresistible, but there must be a reason Abby is swarmed by angels, and she suspects that when she discovers it she’ll want to stay far, far away.

Abby knows immediately that there is more to Gwynne than meets the eye. When she realizes she’s not the only one who see angels—that Gwynne sees them, too—she finally trusts that her glowing friends are not hallucinations. What’s more, the angels desperately need something from her. If she answers their call, it means giving up the magic she feels with Gwynne.

It means giving up…everything.


Angel's Touch book coverANGEL’S TOUCH

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Kira has one goal: to make money by opening an exclusive spa in scenic Piper Beach. Megan agrees to help, but money is the last thing on her mind!

Kira Wagner needs a local expert to get her new hotel and spa up and running. Megan McLaren’s name is at the top of her list. Megan isn’t aware that the woman on her massage table is planning to offer her a job. She gives her healing touch as she would to anyone and turns down the invitation to dinner. But the persistent Kira awakens something else in Megan: memories of pasts they may have shared, none of which ended happily. When Megan realizes exactly where Kira plans to build her hotel, she agrees to consult, but her only goal is to make sure the new hotel doesn’t ruin the sacred space nearby. She wishes she could tell Kira the truth, but she’s deeply afraid that Kira will look at her like every other woman in her life when she explains about the powerful ley lines…and the angels…