Siri Caldwell, photo credit Damon Kappell / Studio16


Siri Caldwell began her career as a hydrogeologist wearing hip-high waders to slog through polluted streams and struggling not to tumble into the water in front of her older, more experienced colleagues. In addition to keeping her balance, she quickly learned that when collecting water samples on farmland and encountering an angry cow, it is best to back away. (Cows: not as docile and picturesque as you’d think.) Now she works at a desk, where the risk of falling or being surprised by interspecies encounters is low and she is not required to wear tall boots of any kind.

When not busy being a dutiful contestant in the rat race, she writes romance novels. Lesbian romance novels—because if anyone knows how to make a relationship complicated, it’s a lesbian. And complicated is a good thing on the way to happily ever after.


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