Earth Angel book cover

2013 New England Romance Writers of America Readers’ Choice Award finalist

She’s never questioned who she is. Until now.

People say Abby sounds like an angel when she plays her harp at romantic beach weddings. They don’t need to know that real angels—or possibly figments of her imagination—keep her company. They wouldn’t understand.

Gwynne blames herself for the deaths of her sister and mother. Her psychic gifts have brought her only grief, and she’s turned her back on the angels who betrayed her.

When Abby learns she’s not the only one who see angels—that Gwynne sees them, too—she finally trusts that her glowing friends are not hallucinations. But the angels are in danger. To help them, she’ll have to question what she thought was true. Gwynne won’t like her plans, but together, they may be able to work miracles.

*** Earth Angel is Book 2 in my Angels series. It stars recurring character Gwynne Abernathy and someone new—the intriguing Abby Vogel. Gwynne’s determined to figure her out. She has no idea what she’s in for! The books can be read in any order. You won’t be lost if you start with Book 2. Promise!

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