Mistletoe Mishap

2018 Lambda Literary Award finalist

On the first day of Christmas, my true love gave me a kiss…on the cheek.

On the second day, she gave me a cup of coffee. (Actually, I shared hers as we drove to work.)

On the third day, I told her she’s still as hot as when we first fell in love all those years ago. (What? Are women not supposed to call each other hot?)

On the fourth day, I dared her to kiss me for real.

On the fifth day, the dare began to get out of hand…

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“This is a fun-loving book that is so adorable it will just melt your heart. You want this in your life!” —The Romantic Reader (read the full review here)

“…strong love and beautiful intimacy… This novella has it all for an entertaining holiday read.” —LezReviewBooks (read the full review here)

“…a satisfying mixture of sugar and spice, wonderful character chemistry, and relatable intimacy…” —The Lesbrary (read the full review here)

“…realistic, funny and touching.” —Lesfic PuttyCat Reviews…Purrfectly Adorable (watch the video review here)

“If you’re in the mood for a holiday-themed read that has … nuance around negotiating an established relationship, put this on your December TBR.” —Book Riot (read the full review here)

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Kendra dangled the mistletoe above Viv, straightening her arm and stretching as high as she could. Viv reached and tried to push it away so it wouldn’t be overhead, and their hands tangled together, fighting for dominance.

“Afraid it’s going to drop germs on your head?” Kendra teased.

“Afraid it’s going to give you ideas.”

They were both about the same height, so the only way for Viv to have any chance of winning was for her to press as close to Kendra as possible. But Viv wasn’t plastered to her. Which was disappointing.

“What kind of ideas?”

“Ideas about what people do underneath that stupid vine you’re dangling over my head.”

“Me?” Kendra rose higher on her toes, ankles wobbling to keep her balance. It would be embarrassing to fall. “I’m calculating the angle you need. I’m thinking if our bodies form two sides of a triangle that meet at our hands, and both sides are the same distance, how small does the angle have to be for you to—”

“This small,” Viv said, pressing the entire length of her body to Kendra’s. “A zero-degree angle.”

Kendra shivered.


This was what she missed.

Copyright © 2017 Siri Caldwell

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