The Mermaid Hypothesis

2023 Golden Crown Literary Award winner

Mermaid Survival Rule Number 1: Stay away from intelligent women.

Who are so my type.

Fish are not great conversationalists.

That’s not why Niua sneaks aboard a research ship, or why she’s stumbling around on legs, pretending she’s not a mermaid, but years of living among uncommunicative sea life may explain why she’s unwisely flirting with a marine scientist who’s far too perceptive—and far too female—for Niua’s safety.

She needs to focus, but Ms. “Why Aren’t You on the Passenger List?” keeps distracting her.

In the best possible way.

She’s in over her head, and she doesn’t have time to waste. She has a shipwreck to find, a treasure to reclaim, and a secret to protect. Before mermaids disappear forever.

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“There is a lot to like in this very sweet, romantic story.” — QueerSciFi / QueeRomanceInk (read the full review here)

“It’s fun to see what seemed like mismatched puzzle pieces begin to fit together… [and] easy to root for these two to fall in love.” —The Lesbian Review (read the full review here)


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